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Coming to Snapchat: live sports broadcasting – Digiday

Snapchat is look to forge media-rights deals with sports leagues and their broadcast partners so it can feature live sports in its app.

Snapchat is looking to sell brand sponsorships for these stories and plans to split ad revenue among the sports leagues, the broadcasters and itself, according to one executive involved in negotiations. Turner is said to be close to finalizing sponsorship deals for the Final Four Stories, according to the executives.

This Story development is separate from Snapchat’s media channel Discover, which launched at the end of January and features text, photos and video from media companies such as Comedy Central, ESPN, National Geographic and Vice.

This news is just the latest instance of Snapchat’s quick maturation from “sexting app” to media and tech industry darling. It has been embraced by Madison Avenue and publishers alike, with Daily Mail North America CEO Jon Steinberg saying Snapchat has been the best platform partner he’s ever worked with, including Facebook and Twitter.

With its push into live sports, Snapchat is poised to become a TV network, a publishing network, a social network, an original media creator and an e-commerce platform, all within one self-contained app.


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