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Streaming services are destroying TV’s $65B ad game

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus are no longer just nibbling away at the fringes of the pay-TV business — they’re eating its lunch.

Americans sick of watching ads or tired of ever-increasing pay-TV costs, the traditional cord-cutters, are beating an ever-larger path toward streaming services, an annual survey of TV viewing habits revealed on Wednesday.

Netflix — in no surprise to many media-savvy families — is now in 36 percent of US households, the Nielsen survey found, as pressure mounts on the $80 billion cable, satellite and telecom pay-TV industry.

The streaming darling also is forcing Madison Avenue to rethink how it allocates the $65 billion it spends on TV ads each year.

What’s more, those dollars are going to be increasingly up for grabs as other video-streaming services, like HBO Now and Sony’s PlayStation Vue, become available.


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Publicado marzo 12, 2015 in: News by admin

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